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cohobbyist @ Scriptus Toronto 2017

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My name is Eric and I am a hobbyist.
Based out of Toronto, Ontario, I work as a consultant in a wide variety of sectors and roles. Hobbies are a way for me to unwind from the often action packed days at work and focus on learning something new, feeding my curiosity, and fostering my creativity. The hobbies that I choose to invest my time in typically has an impact in my day to day, though it is not a strict criteria.

cohobbyist inc. was launched as one of my side projects while investigating and learning about my most recent hobby, Fountain Pens. (Yeah, that’s a thing!) The further I looked into it, the deeper my interest grew and expanded to include all of stationery! It resonated with the childhood memories of my parents focusing on the literacy aspect of my growth, the stationery I was given, and the hours spent copying books to practice my cursive. (Sadly, still mediocre... Sorry Mom!)

As I continued to learn, I found that this hobby is not as well represented in Canada. There are some shining examples of stores that provide this much needed service to Canadians, but there are no where near as abundant as the stores that cater to the other hobbies that I previously took part in. With this in mind, cohobbyist as a brand refocused to be an online retailer and a purveyor of stationery goods, in the hopes that it can grow with the vibrant community to make interesting products accessible north of the wall.

I look forward to serving and growing with you as we journey together to learn more about this deeply nuanced hobby!




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